2015 student poster presentations


GROUP ONE. PHYSICAL SCIENCES (Physics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Astronomy / Astrophysics, Earth / Planetary Sciences)

  1. Sarah Barrett (Stanford University): “Mysteries of deep earthquakes: The case of the Bucaramanga Nest beneath Northern Colombia”
  2. Samantha Dixon and Clare Saunders (UC Berkeley): “Supernova cosmology”
  3. Caroline Morley (UC Santa Cruz): “Exotic clouds on alien worlds”
  4. Kimberly Lau (Stanford University.): “Marine anoxia and delayed Earth system recovery after the end-Permian extinction”
  5. Erin Todd (UC Santa Cruz): “Coulomb stress variations associated with slow slip, tectonic tremor, and seismicity along the northern Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand”
  6. Kathleen Sokolowsky (Stanford University.): “Divergent dynamics in liquid crystals probed by ultrafast infrared experiments”
  7. Nate Bogdanowicz (Stanford University.): “Coherent feedback in cavity QED systems”
  8. Mark Levin (UC Berkeley): “Enzymatic mimicry in unnatural systems”
  9. Kevin Ryan (Stanford University.): “Turbulent scalar flux modeling of a jet in crossflow”
  10. Orianna DeMasi (UC Berkeley): “Finding optimal hardware designs for future architectures with statistical modeling"
  11. Lucy Odom (San Francisco State University): “Analysis of the Littlewood Conjecture”
  12. Daniel Litt (Stanford University.): “Non-Abelian Lefschetz hyperplane theorems”

GROUP TWO. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES (Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Engineering/Earth Systems, Geophysics, Population Biology)

  1. Claudia Corona (San Francisco State University): “Impacts of climate variability on California groundwater resources”
  2. Kelly Gravuer (UC Davis): “Distilling soil microbial complexity for natural and agro-ecosystem management”
  3. Sarah Peterson (UC Santa Cruz): “Northern elephant seals: Biologgers of contaminants in the mesopelagic North Pacific"
  4. Erica Rutherford (San Francisco State University): "Genetic variation across trophic levels in a diverse desert lizard community"
  5. Cyrus Harp (UC Berkeley): “Canopy arthropods, plant diversity, and primary productivity in a juniper-oak woodland”
  6. Nicole Travis (San Francisco State University): “Effects of wastewater effluent on phytoplankton growth in experimental mesocosms”

GROUP THREE. LIFE SCIENCES (Biology, Integrative Sciences, Plant Biology, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Pharmacology, Comparative Pathology, Veterinary Medicine, Biochemistry, Physiology, Animal Behavior)

  1. Allison Hoch (UC Davis): “Biological substrates to prevent the dedifferentiation of osteogenically induced mesenchymal stem cells”
  2. Elle Roberson (UCSF): “TMEM231, mutated in oro-facio-digital and Meckel syndromes, organizes the ciliary transition zone”
  3. Karine Schaal (UC Davis): "Decreased energy availability during intensified training increases fatigue and impairs ovarian function in competitive female runners"
  4. Miles Duncan (UC Santa Cruz): "Discovery and characterization of new antibiotics that disarm bacterial pathogens"
  5. Joshua Downer (UC Davis): “Attending to sound features selectively enhances single neuron sensitivity in auditory cortex”
  6. Liz Freeman (Stanford University.): “Using fluorescent biosensors to study the chemistry of the carbon concentrating mechanism in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii”
  7. Jennifer Gilbert (San Francisco State University): “Putative protamines, SPCH-1/2/3, play a role in male fertility in C. elegans”
  8. Myka Estes (UC Davis): “Interleukin-1β alters cortical connectivity in development and disease”
  9. Dimitre Simeonov (UCSF): “Dissecting the function of non-coding autoimmune risk loci”
  10. Brad Hobson (UC Davis): “Brain lesions detected by 7T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are highly correlated with histopathologic assessment of brain injury in a rat model of acute organophosphate intoxication”
  11. Adam Novak (UC Santa Cruz): “Genomics at the scale of everyone: The Human Genome Variation Map"
  12. Allison Coker (UCSF): “Changes in behavioral effects of delta opioid receptor agonists with ethanol consumption”
  13. Patricia Gaffney (UC Davis): “Proteomic analysis of highly prevalent amyloid A (AA) amyloidosis in endangered island foxes (Urocyon littoralis)”
  14. Kyle Barlow (UCSF): “Fragment mixing: Efficient computational protein structure prediction”
  15. Amir Kol (UC Davis): “Feline foamy virus adversely affects feline mesenchymal stem cell culture and expansion: implications for animal model development"
  16. Ken Burke (UCSF): “Synaptic organization of deep layer prefrontal circuits”
  17. Ouwei Wang (UC Berkeley): ”Regulation of microbial dissimilatory perchlorate reduction in response to nitrate in Azospira suillum strain PS”
  18. Andre Lazar (UCSF): “Differential signaling mechanisms in the cell as a function of time and space; trafficking of a Adenylyl Cyclases upon adrenergic stimulation”
  19. Arthur Vigil (San Francisco State University): “Variable importance in microenvironment-based protein function analysis”
  20. David Lieb (UCSF): “The neural circuitry underlying the sensation of thirst”
  21. Andrew Norman (UCSF): "Discovering the Unique Transcriptional Regulation of Human Spermatogenesis"

GROUP FOUR. ENGINEERING (Bio-engineering, Engineering, Materials Sciences)

  1. Felicia Svedlund (UC Berkeley): “Multivalent conjugates of mechano-growth factor with cardioprotective effects”
  2. Ann Lee-Barthel (UC Davis): “Generating regions of differential tissue maturity improves the interface strength of engineered bone-to-bone ligaments”
  3. Luke Cassereau (UCSF): “Tissue stiffness regulates tumor cell metabolism through cell adhesion signaling”
  4. Andrew Brandon (UC Berkeley): “Improved biofuel crops through plant cell wall engineering”
  5. Saahil Shenoy (Stanford University.): “Risk management in forecasting for electricity markets”
  6. Willie Reese (UC Berkeley): “Nanoscale crater interfaces guide cell migration and patterning”
  7. Tia Plautz (UC Santa Cruz): “Proton computed tomography: The next generation in medical imaging”
  8. Gabriela Baylon (Stanford University.): “Comparing the transient osmotic swelling of articular cartilage and meniscal fibrocartilage in confined compression”
  9. Trenton Otto (UC Berkeley): “Encapsulation of bimetallic clusters in small pore zeolites”
  10. Cade Fox (UCSF): “Nanowire-coated microdevices for oral drug delivery”
  11. Audrey Ford (UC Berkeley): “Modular tissue engineered cartilage surfaces”
  12. Alejandro Campos (Stanford University.): "Advances in structure-based modeling of turbulent flows"
  13. Alexandra Landry (UC Berkeley): “Colloidal methods for the synthesis of uniform bimetallic nanoparticles as model catalysts"
  14. Bernard Johnson (Stanford University.): “Exploring the pathway to high efficiency internal-combustion engines through reduced heat transfer and alcohol direct injection"
  15. Kathryn Fink (UC Berkeley): “Electrodeposition and hot embossing techniques for plastic microfluidic device fabrication”


  1. Nicholas Weiler and Leigh Cooper (UC Santa Cruz): “UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program -- The education of science interpreters”